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The Primeval Planet Cores contains exactly 1 Primeval Planet NFT.
The higher Tier of Planet Core is the higher drop rate for the high-rarity Planet NFT.

0.1 ETH


0.33 ETH


0.66 ETH


2.0 ETH


6.66 ETH

Elements Heading
The more concentrated the elements, the more access players will have to powerful skills for their Avatar and for planetary development.
Avatar Class Heading
Earn your NFTs item by playing the game and sell it on the marketplace to make money
Fury Class

Melee vessels of destruction, charges the frontlines to send doods and boods into the sky with one fell swing. The mere sight of a Fury wreaking havoc and devastation is enough to send doods into the "feign death" status.

Widsom Class

Ranged vessels that can manipulate raw mana to obliterate boods and heathens from afar. Arcane constructs spawned from mana singularities in the Dirac Seas. Doods are easily mesmerized by their colorful spells.

Fate Class

An aura augmentation vessel capable of elevating the inner strength of heroic Apostles and doods alike. A commanding presence on the battlefield, doods avoid their usual mid-battle snack-breaks out of respect.

FAQ Heading

By purchasing ANY of the Primeval Cores, you gain the following benefits:
  • Access to an exclusive #Primeval channel in Discord only available to you and your fellow Primeval Planeteers.
  • Eligible for OG airdrop events
  • Access to the Abiogenesis Eventdetails here
  • Access to Primeval Celestial Conjunction
  • Access to the Apeiron Beta test — when our game goes into beta later this year, you’ll be the first with the foot in the door.
In addition, those who manage to secure a Divine or Primal rarity Primeval Core will also gain access to the ultra-exclusive #Alpha-Omega channel in Discord, a channel giving direct access to our co-founders and first hand information from the Overlords themselves!

There are 50 Cores reserved for future events and the team.
  • 8 Elemental Cores
  • 20 Mythic Cores
  • 10 Arcane Cores
  • 10 Divine Cores
  • 2 Primal Cores

The following guide will go through several methods to get MATIC on Polygon
Binance is capable of send USDC from Binance straight to Polygon in which you can swap the USDC to ETH via 1inch
  1. Buy USDC on Binance
  2. Send USDC to your Metamask (Polygon Network)
  3. Go to
  4. Follow instructions to swap your USDC for ETH
The following guide from Polygon will lead you through getting ETH from Ethereum Network to Polygon or from other Polygon addresses.
There are other methods in getting MATIC and ETH to your wallet, but do be cautious throughout the procedure and beware of scams and malicious links.

The gas fee may vary depending on various factors, for reference please refer to

Hardware wallet with MetaMask is confirmed to work for the Primeval Planet Presale. However, please note that it is possible that some hardware wallets may not be compatible with OpenSea.

During your purchase, your Metamask wallet should initiate two transactions. The first one is to approve the use of ETH, and the other for the actual purchase of the core you selected. If both transactions were successful and completed without any error, you will have successfully purchased and received your Core NFT!

After the purchase you can also connect your wallet to the secondary market such as and the Core NFT you purchased should be viewable from your profile.

Yes, once you successfully purchase a Core, the NFT will be transferred to your wallet. From there, you are free to make use of it in any way you like, whether to keep the core for your own use or to sell and trade on the secondary market.

The Abiogenesis event is when the unique cosmetic properties of the Avatar are generated! With the Avatar’s combat class and element combined, there are over 30 thousand unique combinations. Look forward to seeing your avatar in its most unique form.

Starting from around May, those who own 2 or more planets can undergo Celestial Conjunction where two planets use their spiritual essence to produce a third. From there they can continue to “breed” more planets and populate the Apeiron godiverse!

Players will only need one planet to get started, but to fully experience the game and develop your godlings to their full potential, you will need multiple planets.

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